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Especially From Karen

Quality custom sewing and alterations

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                                                        Frequently Asked Questions



1. How can I reach you?


You can fill out the information on the "Contact Us" page or you can call us.



2. I don't use credit cards and don't like putting my financial information on line.

How can I pay for my merchandise?


If you live within a reasonable driving distance, you can pay us in person with a check, cash or money order. You can also

mail a check, money order or cashiers check. If you send a money order or cashiers check your merchandise will go out

immediately. If you send a check, we will wait for it to clear before sending your merchandise.



3. I want curtains made. What do I do?


Call or e-mail us. If you are not sure what kind you want, we will give you some suggestions. If you know what you want, we will

measure for you if you live within a reasonable distance (mileage will be charged). If we decide the distance is too far, we will

call you and explain how to measure or we can e-mail you the directions on how to properly do the measurements.



4. Do you buy the material?


No, you buy the material. If asked, we will help you choose the right type of material if you are not sure what type to purchase. We

will be glad to purchase the lining for you.



5. Can you make a dress for me?


We will be glad to make a dress for you if you live close enough for fittings. Working with someone from a distance is difficult



6. Do you charge sales tax?


There is no sales tax on clothing in New Jersey, so we do not charge tax on clothing. There is, however, a sales tax on the

curtains, home decor, holiday and the "extra special" items we sell.



7. I'm not sure what size my child wears in custom-made clothes. How do I know

what size to choose?


Contact us, we will help you figure out what size is appropriate for your child.



8. Can you make something for me that isn't shown?


Contact us and we can discuss your request.



9. How much time do you need in advance to take on a new project?


It depends on what work we have when you make your request. If you have a deadline on when you must have an item, call us

so we can discuss it. We will work with you on unexpected repairs and alterations.



10. How do I care for the children's clothing?


Since all the material is pre-shrunk, you can throw it in the washer as you would any other clothing for your child.



11. What kind of material do you use for the children's clothing?


I try to use natural fabrics as much as possible - cottons mostly from gingham to denim. However, we all know that sometimes

a "touch" of polyester prevents wrinkles.



12. What is your return policy?


Special order items are not returnable. This includes curtains, personalized items, the dog tote and anything you provide the

fabric for such as the shower favors. Clothing, unless custom-made, can be returned although shipping charges will not be




13. I'm a high school student. Can I contact you for custom sewing?


I welcome calls and emails from high school students and of course will be pleased to make what you need. However, at your

first visit, you must have a parent or guardian with you if you are under the age of 18.



14. What happens to any items left after 30 days?


Due to space constraints, completed work will not be held more than 30 days unless arrangments are made. Any work left more

that 30 days without making arrangements for it to be held longer will be donated to charity.



15. Is there anything else I need to know?


At this time I can't think of anything. If you have a question on anything not covered here please feel free to contact us.